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SmartyPrep relies on a simple formula to propel industry-leading improvements on the SAT & ACT: provide students with a challenging skill-building platform that’s actually fun and match them with the best tutors in the country.

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Maybe you’re a good reader? But are you a SmartyReader? The core of SmartyPrep’s holistic skill acquisition model is the Smarticle, a challenging close-reading exercise that reinforces active reading with critical reading questions and vocab acquisition tools. The questions aren’t easy. Neither is the content. Take the first step to transforming your critical reading abilities!

Maybe you’re a good reader? But are you a SmartyReader? The core of SmartyPrep’s holistic skill acquisition model is the Smarticle, a challenging close-reading exercise that reinforces active reading with critical reading questions and vocab acquisition tools. The questions aren’t easy. Neither is the content. 50 articles from the New York Times become Smarticles every month. Ready to put your skills to the test? Try out this NYT article (updated every week)!


Critical Thinking Questions Created by Evil Geniuses

SmartyPrep’s question creators are experts with over 40,000 hours of shared test prep experience. At the office, we call them the Evil Genius Squad (EGS, for short). Beating the EGS at its own game is the key to skill-building success on SmartyPrep. Every question you get right, you get points based on its difficulty.

Daily Prizes for Top Performers → Weekly Battles With Friends

With every correct answer, you get points based on the difficulty of each question. Make those points count by challenging your friends to a weekly battle. Participants are split into two teams and the winning team wins bonus points!

The Best Tutors in the Country

Most people can use a helping hand on their mission to skill-building mastery. Know that you’re giving your child expert help that consistently propels improvements two standard deviations better than what you’d get in a classroom setting. For those who don’t like statistics, that’s almost 100% better than old school methods.

How we work:


SmartyPrep is a gamified, intelligent platform that uses AI to deliver customized reading, grammar and math content based on SmartyPrep’s proprietary machine learning algorithm.


When the best test prep specialists in the country have seamless access to the best content and rich data on their students, SmartyPrep tutors become bionic tutors.


SAT and ACT prep doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s just a matter of connecting you with a learning experience customized to you. SmartyPrep’s proprietary algorithm charts your unique path to success, and your SmartyPrep certified specialist will be your guide.

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We took years perfecting SmartyPrep so it will work for you on the go. Whip out your smart device in the library or a coffee shop and get cracking!

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“SmartyPrep has been a helpful tool in allowing me to raise my writing score over 100 points! Whether I’m sitting in the car on the way to school, or at home on my computer, SmartyPrep is not only readily accessible, but also helps me focus on improving my weaknesses.”

Anika SmartyPrep Student

“Math has always come easy to me, but my critical reading score wouldn’t budge. Then I found SmartyPrep, and after using it every day for two months, my score went up 110 points!”

Ori SmartyPrep Student

“SmartyPrep was one of the best things to happen to me when preparing for the SAT. It helped improve my reading comprehension substantially, and I got to read interesting articles at the same time.”

Sydney SmartyPrep Student

“My test-taking skills as well as my work ethic were greatly benefited from tutoring, making a positive impact on my schoolwork as well. Working 1-on-1 with a tutor allowed my questions to be answered by professionals that made learning easier and more enjoyable.”

Ben SmartyPrep Student

“I struggled with time pressure on the math sections, but practice with SmartyPrep improved my efficiency and overall confidence. The challenging and purposeful methods helped turn my weakness into a strength.”

Sophie SmartyPrep Student

“Streamline tutors boosted my SAT score tremendously. My final SAT score was a 1390, while my PSAT was a mere 1190. I firmly believe that without using streamline tutors I would not have been able to achieve that score- which opened numerous doors for me in terms of college selection. One aspect of Streamline tutors I especially liked is the emphasis on test taking strategies. This allows any student to improve their test score regardless of how much of the “content” they are familiar with on the test.”

Layla SmartyPrep Student

“I can’t thank streamline enough. I am thrilled with the score improvements. With SmartyBubble and SmartyPrep, I was able to practice and get my results whenever and wherever. During sessions, the one-on-one tutoring allowed my tutor to target where I need improvement and help my specific needs.”

Sophie SmartyPrep Student

“Because of Streamline Tutors, I have become more confident in my academics and learning style because I’ve learned new ways to approach my work and learned to see the larger concepts that are being tested when it comes to the SAT. In general, I feel more prepared for my next four years in college partly because of how my tutors at Streamline were able to guide my academic understanding farther than I thought it could go. Through my 1-on-1 sessions there, I felt that I was truly absorbing everything I was being taught in a less stressful environment than a high school. My test scores dramatically improved over the course of a year from my initial score of 1200 or so to a super-scored 1430!”

Sireen SmartyPrep Student

“I am immensely grateful to Streamline Tutors for helping me do well on both the SAT II Math subject test as well as the SAT itself. The two things that stand out the most to me about Streamline is their one-to-one sessions and the extent of their resources. One-to-one sessions allowed for the tutor to be completely invested in me and my progress throughout all of the sessions, and everything we did during the sessions was always helpful and a good use of time.”

Zain SmartyPrep Student

“After working with Kristina, my ACT test score improved from a 29 to a 34. Working with a 1 on 1 tutor is always awesome and more efficient because I know that what we are reviewing material designed specifically for me. We didn’t waste time reviewing information and questions I already knew, and I was always able to understand I material I was learning as well as I possibly could since we were moving at my own pace.”

Isabella SmartyPrep Student

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