When you say the word education, most people think of schools and classrooms. We think of 1-on-1 expert instruction.

Through thousands of hours of collective one-on-one test prep experience, we are acutely aware of what studies have shown time and again: students who experience expert 1-on-1 instruction do 2 standard deviations better than they would in a traditional classroom setting.

What makes an expert tutor?

Expert is not a word we use lightly. When it comes to test prep instruction, expert means equal parts ability, experience, and charisma–the defining qualities of SmartyPrep certified tutors.

Virtual or in-person, our tutors marry their masterful knowledge of the material with an intimate understanding of each student’s abilities to chart a skill-building path that can transform their performance on standardized tests.

Before we built SmartyPrep, we were just excited about that: that we could change kids’ lives through preparation for a single test. We watched it happen time and again with the SAT and ACT. Not only were we averaging over 5 points on the ACT and 200+ points on the SAT, some of our students were hitting home runs: 9 points, 10 points improvement on the ACT. 380 points on the SAT. You can’t make those kinds of improvements by teaching a few tricks. We were effectively changing our students’ abilities on a foundational level. The problem was only the wealthiest in America could afford us. Even though tutoring took far less time to deliver our industry-leading results, 60 hours of instruction was simply too expensive for most families.

With SmartyPrep, now we’re excited about cutting that number in half. Because the skill-building tools make our tutoring efforts just as effective outside of session, we get the same results in half the time. What’s more, students don’t waste time working on concepts they already understand. On SmartyPrep, they’re always challenged to grow through the customized instant feedback and adaptive practice that supercharge skill acquisition.