The question above may seem inconsequential, but your decision can actually have massive ripple effects for your future. In our experience, the decision between honors or regular Algebra 2 will have a huge bearing on how prepared you are for the Math section of the SAT or ACT, and ultimately, the quality of your college applications

So before you decide you’re “bad at math,” and choose Honors english instead of Honors Algebra 2, consider the information below.

1. Students in regular Algebra 2 won’t be exposed to all the material

This tends to happen because regular classes tend to go at a slower pace than honors classes. As a result, teachers may not get to cover the breadth of concepts that appear on either exam. For both the SAT and the ACT, a majority of the math questions rely on competence in algebra 2 concepts.

2. Students in regular Algebra 2 aren’t being pushed to hone their problem solving abilities.

Easier math means fewer surprises and fewer challenges. This is a problem because standardized tests, like the SAT and ACT, rely on flexible thinking and problem solving and tend to have surprises at every turn. If a student is not accustomed to thinking analytically to solve math problems, it can seriously hinder their abilities on standardized tests. 

If you have the option to take Honors Algebra 2, we recommend that you do so. Taking Honors Algebra 2 will have a twofold effect on your college application: First, the rigor of the course will demonstrate that you are choosing to challenge yourself, and second, Honors Algebra 2 will prepare your analytical and math skills for the SAT or ACT, leading to a higher score.

Even if you find yourself struggling, resist the urge to drop into a lower level class. Instead, consider getting help from an expert tutor. Tutoring will not only help your math grade, but it will improve your confidence and test taking abilities. 

All in all, don’t write yourself off and make an uninformed decision by opting out of Honors Algebra 2. With the right help, you can ensure that you excel not only in class but also on your college entrance exams!