Deciding whether to focus on the ACT or SAT is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make during high school. Check out this blog to read about what kinds of students are better suited for one test or the other. 

Below, you’ll see an SAT/ACT conversion charts with percentiles. Some colleges require that you send all scores, others do not. Some schools even allow you to self report your scores. For this reason, if you have both SAT and ACT scores, it’s important that you know how your scores compare. If your highest SAT score is a 1240 and your highest ACT is a 21, then it’s probably best not to send or report your ACT score, unless the school explicitly states that all scores must be sent.  

Remember that the SAT and ACT are viewed equally by colleges, so it’s really a matter of taking the test that’s best for you. If you do choose to take both, make sure that you’re only showing colleges what they ask to see, and what will allow them to evaluate you in the best light.