You’ve probably heard that junior year of high school is the most important year of your high school career. And it’s true— it’s especially “make-or-break” for your college applications. While college admissions officers will look at the entirety of your high school transcript, they will especially scrutinize your junior year class choices and grades. In order to make the most out of your junior year, follow our advice!

Honors and AP Classes 

Junior year is the time to truly challenge yourself academically. If you have taken honors classes during your freshman and sophomore years of high school, junior year can be a great time to challenge yourself and try taking some AP classes. Or, if you’ve been taking honors and AP classes since freshman year, it’s important that you continue on this track to challenge yourself to grow academically. 

Colleges look for students to take a rigorous course load so that they know the student is adequately preparing themselves for college-level learning. Of course, taking hard classes isn’t enough— you’ll also need to get good grades. 

Subject Tutoring

We know that taking a full course load of honors and AP classes can get stressful. How do you prioritize when you have so much to do? If you are struggling with your advanced classes, we highly discourage dropping down into an easier course. Instead, we recommend finding a way that allows you to succeed in the honors course. We offer subject tutoring in virtually every school subject.

Subject tutoring allows you to work with an expert to develop study habits and tips to help you learn the material better and in less time. Our subject tutors are usually Johns Hopkins undergraduates studying the subject they tutor in. You can learn more about subject tutoring here.

How Junior Year can impact your future

By taking the challenging classes and succeeding in them in your junior year, colleges will know that you are preparing yourself well for college. Not to mention, taking advanced classes your junior year will enable you to continue to do so during your senior year. Overall, take time to reconsider before dropping down to an easier class if you’re struggling; pushing through the challenge is one of the best things you can do for yourself to position yourself well in college admissions.