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Vocab In Context


Smarty Diagnostics

When you first sign up for SmartyPrep, you start off with diagnostics in reading, grammar, and math.  Each diagnostic takes 30 minutes (or longer, if you have accommodations), and your performance will be broken down, analyzed, and used for the SmartyPrep algorithm to determine the difficulty of the material you encounter during the skill-building phase of your SmartyPrep journey.




Choose any skill to work on and the platform will adapt to your performance.

Practice every concept tested on the reading, grammar, and math sections of the SAT and ACT.

Gain points, win prizes

– Daily $10 Amazon gift certificates to point leaders

– Sponsored prizes for organized competitions

Build your vocabulary

– Save any word and its context and definition to your customized flash card stack.

– Match vocab words from the Smarticles you read with their synonyms after every exercise.

Work with a tutor

– Turn skill-building into test prep with a Smarty Certified specialist.

– Transform your score on the SAT/ACT

Hour One-on-one Tutoring Package

When you work a Smarty Certified Specialist, you get:

– Free 1-hour cognitive assessment that elucidates your child’s learning style and determines whether the SAT or ACT is the better fit.

– Customized timeline and roadmap based on your child’s goals and needs.

– Expert instruction that gives your student the confidence to reach their potential on the SAT or ACT.

– A score improvement guarantee of at least 150 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT for qualified students.  Those who don’t experience the guaranteed improvement receive an additional month of free tutoring.

– A seamless virtual or in-person person experience. No more checking answers or miscommunications. Our tutors know what you need from the second you start your session.