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Critical Reading

When you partner with SmartyPrep for free, you get:


Heart of Algebra


An endless supply of reading, grammar, and math skill-building exercises for all your high school students regardless of reading and math levels.


The confidence that you’re giving your families the best prep possible.

Our Content

Our question creators may be called the Evil Genius Squad, but everyone on the squad has a big heart.  And their form of tough love involves drawing on the thousands of hours of test prep experience to create questions that challenge students to grow. The best test prep specialists in the country, like the best teachers, end up cherry-picking the best content from a variety of sources and sewing it together into a curriculum.  With SmartyPrep, we take care of that for you.  The best questions live here.

Our Tutors

There’s a big difference between a tutor fumbling for an answer to a challenging problem and one who not only knows the best method of approach but what you were thinking when you did the problem and why you got it wrong in the first place.  Every SmartyPrep Certified Tutor must score in at least the 98th percentile of the SAT or ACT and undergoes  a rigorous 40-hour training protocol.

Our Promise

High school students should be learning critical thinking skills, not cheap test prep tricks.  We don’t want to waste your time.  We want to fundamentally change your students’ performance on standardized tests in a way that will also enhance their performance in school.  Don’t teach to the test.   But feel free to give extra credit to the student who got the most SmartyPoints working on quadratic equation questions last week!



Free tutoring for low income high-achieving students

Program Specifics

  • 1.5 hour weekly sessions for 30 hours (5 months)

  • If scholarship awardee achieves desired score at an early test date, tutoring will transition to SAT Subject Test tutoring and/or subject tutoring for the remaining hours.

Requirements for Consideration

  • Minimum 3.5 GPA (unweighted)

  • Minimum PSAT/SAT score of 1000 (minimum of 500 on each section)

  • Combined family income of less than $80,000


Skill-Specific Insight into your Students' Performance

It’s time that you discover those curricular blind spots in math by observing school-wide trends in SmartyPrep data.  Now you can finally figure out which students read and which students read spark notes.  The earlier you get your students on SmartyPrep, the sooner you know how your students’ skills are impacting their performance in school and on standardized tests.


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