Our Virtual Tutoring Point Improvement Packages

Our score improvement packages are simple: we’ll keep up weekly virtual tutoring sessions through up to 3 consecutive official SATs or ACTs until you’ve improved 150+ or 200+ points on the SAT (or 4 or 6 points on the ACT).

Why purchase a score improvement package?

Although there are many intangible benefits to one-on-one test prep, our focus is on measurable outcomes. We know adding 150-200 points to a student’s SAT score (or 4-6 points on the ACT) can transform their college admissions prospects.  We also know the path to that improvement is by no means the same for every student. That’s why our package guarantees that we will continue tutoring for up to three consecutive sittings.  Because the package is based on numerical improvement, our goal is 100% aligned with yours: we’ll help you toward a great score as fast as possible.  So if you have big dreams for college, our score improvement package may be right for you.

Who’s eligible for our score improvement packages?

Students whose diagnostic score is between 1050 and 1250 (SAT) or 22 and 27 (ACT) are eligible for our score improvement packages.  Students must take our free 1-hour cognitive assessment before we commit to the score improvement guarantee. Students whose cognitive assessments indicate a need for accommodations (ie extra time) must seek and be approved for the appropriate testing accommodations recommended before an improvement guarantee tutoring package can commence.  All agreed upon test sittings must include the recommended testing accommodations.

Other Benefits of Package

  • Start-up cost waived

How do score improvement packages work? 

Instead of paying for tutoring hours directly, you pay for results. Here are the steps to get started: 

  1. Establish a starting score
    1. We use your student’s most recent official PSAT score (converted to an ACT score for ACT students) as the baseline score.  We use College Board’s official score conversion chart.
    2. Students who don’t have an official PSAT score can take an official practice test at our office to establish the baseline score.
  2. Determine the test to prep for (SAT/ACT)
    1. We combine data from diagnostic testing with our cognitive screening assessment to determine which test to prep for.  We know that colleges treat each test equally, and we consistently find that our students do best when they’re preparing for the right test.
  3. Schedule up to 3 test dates
    1. The first official test date is scheduled 10-14 weeks out from the first tutoring session, allowing ample time for your student to experience Streamline’s proprietary concept review phase.
    2. If your student doesn’t meet the guarantee by the first test date, he or she must sign up for and take the next official test offered.
    3. After each test, tutoring pauses until the official score release UNLESS the subsequent test date takes place within 4 weeks (tutoring continues regardless of whether the score has been released in that case). 
  4. Match with a tutor and set the tutoring schedule for
    1.  Two 1-hour sessions per week (200 point package)
    2. One 1.5-hour session per week (150 point package)
    3. Students virtually over Skype or Google Hangouts.
  5. Go!  
    1. Tutoring stops when your official test score meets or surpasses the point improvement threshold stipulated in your package above your most recent PSAT score (or official SAT/ACT score). 
      1. For the SAT, your final test score represents the cumulative of the highest individual sections across each sitting. 
      2. For the ACT, your final test score represents the average of the highest individual sections across each sitting. 
    2. Additional tutoring after you’ve met (or exceeded) the benchmark improvement is billed at an additional hourly fee of $100/hr. 

Below is a list of dates when the SAT and ACT are given.  Our client coordinator will help you determine the ideal timeline for your student.


August 24, 2019 September 14, 2019
October 5, 2019 October 26, 2019
November 2, 2019 December 14, 2019
December 7, 2019 February 8, 2020
March 14, 2020 April 4, 2020
April (public schools only) June 13, 2020
May 2, 2020 July 18, 2020

Maintaining Eligibility for our Point Improvement Package

We’ve got test prep down to a science, but it takes a student’s commitment to our test prep protocol to get the results we’re known for.  Maintaining eligibility for our point improvement package requires strict adherence to our protocol, which will put your student in the best position to hit (and hopefully surpass!) the improvement threshold.  The following activities must be performed for your student to maintain package guarantee eligible. Losing eligibility isn’t the end of the world, however. If it happens, Streamline will continue tutoring up until the last test date.  However, Streamline will no longer be responsible for reimbursing you if your student scores below the point threshold by the third test.

  • Complete assigned homework
    • We fully expect students to complete all of their homework.  Failure to complete homework on three separate occasions results in a loss of the improvement guarantee.
      • Students will be required to accumulate 250-300 points on SmartyPrep each week as part of their homework during the skill-building phase of review.
      • Students will be required to complete 1 full-length SAT or ACT each week during the testing phase of review.
      • In general, students should expect between 3 and 4 hours of homework weekly.
  • Attend scheduled sessions
    • Our tutors will work to reschedule sessions when there is a potential date conflict.  However, you must give your tutor at least 24 hours notice. 3 missed sessions result in a loss of the improvement guarantee.
    • Effective prep is consistent.  When you take a break for too long, you typically forget concepts and strategies that are essential to optimizing your performance. Unless you are waiting for the release of an official test score, more than 2 weeks without sessions (in-person or virtual) will result in a loss of the improvement guarantee.
  • Sit for consecutive tests

    When you speak to our client coordinator, you’ll agree to sit for up to 3 consecutive official tests.

    • Failure to sit for an agreed upon official test sitting results in a loss of the improvement guarantee.

Our Promise

  • Our recommendation, our responsibility

    We make clear recommendations about whether to pursue the SAT or ACT based on our detailed analysis of diagnostic and cognitive testing as well as your insights into your child’s abilities.  Very rarely, we make the wrong judgment call initially and pursue the wrong test. In these cases, switching tests also entails resetting the potential test total to 3. For example, if we discover the ACT is actually a better fit for a student after that student has taken an official SAT, we will still see your student through up to 3 official ACTs to get the 6+ point improvement.


  • Tutor scheduling

    Our tutors strive to make as few scheduling changes as possible, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise. If your tutor needs to reschedule, the tutor will present at last 2 options (in-person or virtual) for rescheduling that week.


  • Consistently excellent instruction

    For the majority of cases, our students thrive with the tutors we match them with.  However, once in a while, it’s not a good fit or a tutor has a sudden change of circumstance.  If this happens, we will only match you with another tutor who traditionally commands the same or higher hourly rate.


  • We’ll be there with you until the bitter end.

    Some students put it all together on the first test.  Others have to fight for every point all the way to the third test.  Even if you improve 190 points on your second test, we’re more than willing to work for those last 10 points (or more!) on that third consecutive test!  We’ll see you to the point threshold or to the third consecutive test, whichever comes first!


  • Pay for improvement

    We work hard to help our students hit their improvement benchmarks, but in case your student falls short after three tests, we will reimburse you $20 per SAT point short of the improvement target and $666 per ACT point short of the improvement target.