• sat essay

    The SAT Essay is optional part of the test, and won’t affect your score score out of 1600 (You do, however, get a separate essay score, see tip #2 for more on that). Some colleges require it, while others recommend it, so you’ll have to decide for yourself

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  • algebra 2

    The question above may seem inconsequential, but your decision can actually have massive ripple effects for your future. In our experience, the decision between honors or regular Algebra 2 will have a huge bearing on how prepared you are for the Math section of the SAT or ACT,

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  • gamification

    Sometimes it can be difficult to study or start working, especially if you aren’t excited by the material. In these cases it can become easy to procrastinate on assignments and fall behind. Creating incentives for yourself is a great way to get assignments and

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  • biology and history

    Biology and History are totally unrelated, right? Wrong! Biology and History classes are actually more similar than you might think, and the similarities lie in how they are learned. Both subjects require you to not only memorize massive amounts of material, but also to comprehend the material and

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  • High school is way more challenging than it used to be. 50 years ago, students were taking Pre-Calculus their senior year. Today, many students have the option of taking up to Calculus 3. Some schools have reacted to this increase in material by

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  • procrastination

    Let’s face it. Procrastinating can be an easy habit to fall into. Here are some effective ways to end procrastination once and for all.

    1) Get to the root of it.

    Think about why you are procrastinating. Is it because you don’t know how to do

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  • education technology

    With the increasing presence of technological devices in schools, it’s important to understand how it can impact learning. While technology can be distracting at times, when used properly, it can actually enhance education.

    1) Learning at your fingertips

    There are a great deal of websites and

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  • smartyprep

    When you say the word education, most people think of schools and classrooms. We think of 1-on-1 expert instruction.

    Through thousands of hours of collective one-on-one test prep experience, we are acutely aware of what studies have shown time and again: students who experience expert 1-on-1 instruction do 2

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