Reading speed, vocabulary recognition, and short-term visual memory are all important skills for the reading sections of the SAT or ACT. Lots of students don’t read outside of what is required in school, which seriously hurts them when it comes time to prep for college admissions tests. Not only are reading skills important for these tests, but they are also paramount to your success in college. The list below includes resources that will make learning less of a hassle and will make reading comprehension less of a challenge when it comes to the SAT or ACT.

1) Smarty Prep

Smarty Prep is an app that offers reading comprehension questions and vocabulary help so that you can get the most out of what you read and perform well on standardized tests.

2) Luminosity

Luminosity is an app that can help you improve memory and increase focus through the abundance of games the app offers.

3) Fit Brains Trainer

Like Luminosity, Fit Brains Trainer offers short games that strengthen the mind and improve memory and focus.

4) SAT Question of the Day

This app is designed to make it easy to incorporating SAT practice into your everyday routine. You can answer a question a day and receive immediate feedback.

5) Khan Academy

The Khan Academy offers over 6000 videos for learning nearly any subject. It also gives you access to practice standardized tests and tips for doing well.

6) Elevate

Elevate is another brain training app that is focused on helping you be more productive, confident, and sharp.

7) Peak

Peak uses brain games and puzzles to challenge memory, language and critical thinking to keep your mind active. It also keeps track of your progress and growth.

8) ACE Reader

ACE Reader improves reading speed, comprehension and fluency through pacing and visions training exercises.

9) The Grading Game

The Grading Game trains you to easily recognize and correct grammar mistakes in writing.

Mastering the reading section on the SAT or ACT isn’t about learning random reading tricks, but about initiating a fundamental restructuring so that a student learns to be a master reader in their everyday life, not just a master of standardized tests. Studies show that 15 minutes of reading a day accelerates reading growth, so hopping on one of these apps for a few minutes each day can really make a difference, both for your SAT/ACT score and your reading abilities in general!